Monday, November 11, 2013

Born This Way

Hey everyone... I pray that y'all have been blessed! I know that I said that my next blog was going to be on the ways that Jesus carried His Cross, but I have to post this video first... I was at my parent's house last week and we watched the X Factor. Well Thursday night, one of the contestants by the name of Rion Paige sang a song called "Born This Way" and she brought the house down!! Her life and this song, all speak one powerful message: GOD DIDN'T MAKE A MISTAKE WHEN HE MADE US! Rion reminded me of a quote from St. Francis when he said, "Preach the Gospel constantly, and if necessary use words." This young girl, although her arms are somewhat disabled and she is blind in her right eye, she preaches a bold message about the culture of life and her life totally contradicts the culture which values human life according to perfection and productivity for society! She stands as a witness to how God lovingly wills everyone into existence, regardless of whether or not the world thinks we look "perfect" or will ever be a productive member of society. Our Pope reminds us that when people suffer physically, live in poverty, or have an affliction of any kind, it causes us to love!! Anyway, I pray that y'all enjoy the song and I'll get back to blogging soon!